Jac Theelen Realty

Tips for buying a home

Here are a few Tips and things to consider when looking for your first home.



Ask your banker to give you a pre-approved budget to work with.


  • Location - how far are schools/shopping and work from your home to make it convenient for the future. Also consider the location of recreational areas if you like to go there lots.

Neighbourhood - is it a mixed population, older or younger families? Older neighbourhoods often have a kind of community spirit. Ask some people in your future neighbourhood.

  • Traffic - How much traffic can you anticipate around your home, look in the morning and around 5 pm for traffic volume.


    Home inspection - to do it yourself
    • Start at the exterior:
      - Watch for rooflines
      - Wear and tear
      - Shingle age
      - Paint
      - Windows overall
      - Door sagging
      - Concrete exposur
      - Resent dirt work

    • Interior main floor:
      - Wear and tear overall
      - Sags in floor and or ceiling
      - Movement in floor
      - Paint cracks/Dry wall cracks
      - Windows
      - Mould on windows/doors
      - Renovation marks


    • Kitchen:
      - Check drawers for wear
      - Appliances for wear
      - Stain or calcium build up
      - Lig
      - Cou
      ntertop for wear


    Check the overall light fixture condition
    - Damage on walls and/or walls


    If you are looking for more tips or have any further questions,send us an emaail we're here to help.