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Jac Theelen

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Red Deer, Alberta


Great Alberta Farms and Acreages

Find the perfect farm, acreage or dream home right here in Alberta. Looking for a dairy, hog, or sheep farm? Want to go back to nature on your acreage? Dreaming about rural living and nature on your doorsteps?

Alberta has it all.

Every so often, we like to move, and find a better, nicer place to live and a new place to call home.

Would you like to start a new business (such as a kennel or a greenhouse) or a new acreage to call home?   Making money and having fun doing so?

People like to know that the information they get is complete, honest, and unbiased.  That is especially important for those of us who immigrate.

Ever wonder if you asked all the right questions?

We answer the questions you never asked! Why?  Because selling rural real estate is more than sales. Buying or selling a farm is not just a purchase or sale. It's a transfer of a business --  your business.  

Even if you've lived in central Alberta all your life, you don’t buy a new property every week.

Getting  that second opinion, asking the questions you forgot, and probing whether this is what you need: we are at your service.  Negotiating on your behalf and obtaining the best price in today’s market -- these are our specialties!

If you have immigration plans, we can assist you, inform you, and serve you in your mother tongue (Nederlands, German) if you prefer.

We'll take the time to help you find the property most suited to your needs.

Why not get started and tell us how we can help you?


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